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Over 25 years of software project success
Cover the full scope of integrating People, Projects and Processes



When new technology is introduced, a team's effectiveness is generally reduced until the learning curve is conquered. However, experienced consultants can reduce or eliminate the initial project productivity slump, and in many cases even raise the team's maximum productivity potential.



Global market competition requires businesses to do more, to do better, and to do quicker with fewer resources while staying current with technology. If this weren't enough, the rate of change also compounds and complicates the management task.

Our years of experience have shown that project success is not related to technological wizardry, but rather a well trained and motivated team. Having the right, properly trained and motivated people on the team makes the difference between finishing on time and within budget, or being an "also ran".

We work with automation teams implementing technology in the following ways:

Conceptual sounding board
Teacher and guide

In these capacities we solved interesting problems such as:

locating interactions between "non-interacting" systems.

revitalizing a project team whose project was over cost and behind  schedule and completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget

We do what is necessary to assure your success. This means understanding your systems, and working with you to see that they work to your benefit.






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